Facilities at Hald Hovedgaard

The Manor Kitchen at Hald Hovedgaard

As a work retreat, Hald Hovedgaard is perfectly situated in its own nwely renovated park by the huge Hald lake with oak forest and moor within walking distance: at once both far from the world’s turmoil and close to everything.

Many daily city buses and motor coaches connect Hald to the charming town of Viborg within 10 km as well as to the closest shops that are 5 kilometres away.

At Hald Hovedgaard each writer gets a room with a bed, a big writing desk, an office chair and a comfy chair. Toilets and baths are in the hallways.

Many rooms like the Knights Hall, the Fireplace Room, the Garden Room, the Tower Library and – not to forget – the Manor Kitchen are shared for all to use.

Beside that Hald Hovedgaard provides the facilities that a modern writer needs:

  • Internet connections (wireless throughout the main building)
  • Printer and photocopy machine
  • Washing machine and dryer
  • a few old bikes for sharing

There are three or four employees at Hald on a daily basis (fewer in the summer and other vacation periods) who can provide information and other practical assistance. Otherwise, it must be understood that Hald residents are required to be able to take care of themselves, including the procurement of food and other personal items.

Unfortunately, the facilities at Hald Hovedgaard are not wheelchair accessible. It is a very old house with both lots of stairs and high doorsteps.

Refugiehåndbogen (The Retreat Handbook) is sent to all writers who are accepted for a working residency at Hald’s main building. The handbook provides an impression of how the place functions with eight working guests.